Additional Clamp Seals

Replacement seal material for Quick-Fit Clamps is sold by the foot. Nitrile, silicone, or ePTFE material is available.

View our seal material guide for help selecting the best Quick-Fit Clamp seal for your application.

- Nitrile and Silicone seals are stocked in rolls of 50'.
- ePTFE seals are stocked in rolls of 100'.


Clamp seals are a Nordfab Now® product so the material is in stock and can typically be shipped the day after order placement. Let Nordfab or your authorized dealer know if your order is urgent.

Regarding Item Numbers:

  • 3" Diameters shown below are the seals used with 3" to 6" QF Clamps.
  • 7" Diameters shown below are the seals used with 7" to 11" QF Clamps.
  • 12" Diameters shown below are the seals used with 12" to 24" QF Clamps.

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ø A in Material Thickness Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
3 ePTFE 0.01 3260-0000-SG3000‍ 8010005912‍
3 Silicone 0.01 3260-0375-HT3000‍ 8010005916‍
3 Nitrile 0.01 3260-0375-SP3000‍ 8010005913‍
7 Nitrile 0.02 3260-0500-SP4000‍ 8010005914‍
7 ePTFE 0.02 3260-0000-SG4000‍ 8010005911‍
7 Silicone 0.02 3260-0500-HT4000‍ 8010005917‍
12 ePTFE 0.02 3260-0000-SG.650‍ 8010005910‍
12 Nitrile 0.02 3260-0650-SP5000‍ 8010005915‍
12 Silicone 0.02 3260-0650-HT5000‍ 8010005918‍

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