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Introduction to Quick-Fit Visual 3D Duct Installation Design

Quick-Fit Visual® (QFV® ) is our complimentary, easy-to-use, online tool for designing dust collection ductwork installations. QFV provides automatic calculation of duct sizing, static pressure loss, and system requirements, quotations and visual 3D plans; installation documents; and .dwg drawings for use with CAD to incorporate duct system into facility installation plans. Click here to learn more

Install Nordfab Quick-Fit® Ducting: The Quick-Fit Sleeve

Installing Nordfab Ducting has never been easier. Learn how to install the Quick-Fit Sleeve, which provides adjustable lengths for ductwork. 

Nordfab Ducting's Quick-Fit Clamp

Ductwork made Fast and Friendly. Save time and money when adding ducting to your facility. A testament to Nordfab's staying power...Nordfab Americas has now been providing industrial ducting for more than 40 years.

About Nordfab Ducting

An oldie but a goodie...a testament to the longevity / reliability of Nordfab Quick-Fit clamp together ducting. Learn about Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting and hear what users had to say about Quick-Fit.

Note: At the time this video was created, the Quick-Fit patent (U.S. Patent No. 4,924,913), was still in effect.

New! Nordfab In-line Spark Trap 2.0 Demonstration

View a test demonstration of the newly redesigned In-line Spark Trap 2.0 in a duct line.

Nordfab Ductwork in a Woodworking Shop

A detailed look at a user installing Nordfab ductwork in a wood shop.

Leakage test: Nordfab's clamp-together ducting vs. Lockformed duct

Nordfab straight duct seams are laser welded and, as this video shows, energy efficient. Lock-form style ductwork leaks and will result higher operational costs. 

Comparison of installation time: Nordfab's clamp-together ducting vs. Flanged duct

Nordfab clamp-together ducting saves on installation time and costs in comparison to flanged ducting. 

Nordfab Ducting | Ductwork | Oil Mist Recycler Animation

Nordfab's Oil Mist Recycler can extend filter media life, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce issues caused by capturing and transporting large volumes of liquids to the collector. 


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | Oil Mist Recycler

Learn about the Nordfab Oil Mist Recycler. 

Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFS Gasket

NEW IMPROVED GASKET DESIGN: Installation of our new QFS Gaskets on the ends of Quick-Fit ductwork is quick and easy. 

Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Introductory Webinar


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Creating an image from a PDF


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Using a floor plan


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Dimensioning Tools


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: How to revise duct line nodes


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Machine Side Ports


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: How to connect to side ports


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: How to Convert Node to Equipment (Dust Generator)


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: How to Access Duct Tools


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Overriding Pipe Segments


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Adding Accessories


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Adding Hose to your Design


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: How to Add Floor Sweep


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: How to Place Machine Adapter


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Pressure Loss


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Tee Branches


Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting | QFV: Exploring the Room Designer Feature


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