Product Data Sheets: QF Ducting

Nordfab Ducting Product Data sheets

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Nordfab Ducting General Specifications
Nordfab Ductwork in Various Operating Temperatures

Pipe | Clamps | Flanges

Nordfab® Duct Pipe
Nordfab Quick-Fit® Sleeve and O-Ring
Nordfab Quick-Fit Clamp
Nordfab Quick-Fit Sleeve Assembly
Nordfab Angle Flange
Nordfab Angle Flange Gasket 


Nordfab Elbows


Nordfab Standard Branch
Nordfab Y Branch
Nordfab Double Branch
Nordfab Tee Branch
Nordfab In-Cut
Nordfab Tap In


Nordfab Hose Adapter
Nordfab Machine Adapter
Nordfab Reducer
Nordfab Angle Flange Adapter
Nordfab End Cap | End Cap with Birdscreen | End Plate
Nordfab Transition Rectangular to Round

Blast Gates

Nordfab Manual Blast Gate
Nordfab Manual NFMES Blast Gate
Nordfab NFES Automatic Blast Gate
Nordfab SD Automatic Blast Gate & Reed Switch Assembly 1.06

Hoses & Clamps

Nordfab Rubber Hose & Urethane Hose
Nordfab Clamps for Hose
Nordfab Steel Flex Hoses and Hose End Types 


Nordfab Canopy Hood
Nordfab Barrel Hood
Nordfab Router Hood & Router Hood with Magnets
Nordfab Bell Mouth Hood
Nordfab Radial Arm Saw Hood
Nordfab Suction Hood

Diverter Valves

Nordfab Manual & Automatic Diverter Valve
Nordfab SD Manual & Automatic Diverter Valve

Hangers & Installation

Nordfab Ductwork Hangers
Nordfab Ductwork Roof & Wall Flashing
Nordfab Roof Skirt


Nordfab Weather Cap
Nordfab No-Loss Stackhead
Nordfab Jet Cap
Nordfab Silencer
Nordfab In Line Back Draft Damper
Nordfab Vibration Isolator
Nordfab Butterfly Valve
Nordfab Bleed In Valve
Nordfab Ball Joint
Nordfab Floor Sweep
Nordfab Viewing Spool
Nordfab Sliding Access Panel
Nordfab Drop Out Box
Nordfab In-Line Spark Trap


Special Applications

Nordfab Sealed Duct System
Nordfab In-Line Spark Trap
Nordfab Oil Mist Drain Back for Hose


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