Nordfab Introduces Easy-to-Use 3D Duct Design Tool

Nordfab America's array of tools for designing ductwork installations now includes an online 3D drawing tool, Quick-Fit Visual® (QFV®). The new tool can be used to create 3D designs to help facility owners visualize Nordfab® dust collection duct systems as these would appear once installed.

Facility owners requesting a design can quickly receive installation images and an estimate from their local Nordfab Authorized Dealer.

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QFV users utilize simple line drawing tools within the application to create the intended duct path, then hit the Auto-Duct button to convert the path to a 3D image with automatic duct sizing and automatic static pressure loss calculations. Scroll down or click here to watch our demo video below.

QFV greatly reduces the amount of time required to create installation drawings and eliminates having to purchase costly software licenses or time-intensive, specialized education to learn CAD or BIM applications.

QFV provides an immediate quote, bill of material, and installation plan. Users can export a CAD file which can be imported into more comprehensive facility drawings. Nordfab dealers can place orders for their customers within minutes of creating a QFV design.

QFV is designed to incorporate Nordfab's standard Quick-Fit® Ducting so that orders can be quickly shipped. Most Nordfab orders are shipped within 3 to 4 days.

QFV's innovative approach has been recognized with a Visionary New Products award - learn more.

Quick-Fit Clamp-Together Ducting is known as "The World's Fastest Ducting" because it is so simple and quick to assemble.

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Watch our quick demo video below to learn about Quick-Fit Visual 3D Design


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