Selecting the best Quick-Fit Clamp seal type for your application

QF® Clamp Seal type Application
Nitrile  Nitrile is the standard seal inserted into Quick-Fit® Clamps. It is rated for maximum intermittent service termperatures of 194° F and continuous 158° F. As there is no additional charge for nitrile material, it is the most economical choice.

 Silicone offers an economically priced option for operating temperatures above 158° F. Rated for maximum service temperatures of 400° F, silicone has an extremely broad temperature range capability as it is also very good in low temperatures, remaining flexible at -60° F.

Additionally silicone offers superb resistance to weather aging and ozone.


Maximum temperature rating of 600°F.

ePTFE is not degraded by an common chemicals (0 - pH range). FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations. 

   SEALED ducting applications: When you are selecting clamps for use in a sealed ducting systems, please note that Nordfab recommends either nitrile or silicone clamp seals.

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