Quick-Fit® Sleeve Assembly 14ga

The 14 gauge Quick-Fit Sleeve Assembly is used to provide variable length adjustment of 14 gauge pipe with QF ends.

The assembly includes one 8.5" long custom Quick-Fit Sleeve with O-ring, one nominally 5' long 14ga Duct Pipe, and one QF Clamp.

Nordfab Pipe in extra durable 14 gauge galvanized steel with Quick-Fit® (QF®) rolled ends allows fast, easy installation or disassembly with our Quick-Fit Clamp.

14 gauge Pipe has a plasma welded seam which provides a leak-free seal. Elimination of air leakage makes a dust collection system more efficient, providing savings on energy costs.

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Available in diameters up to 24"
  • 16 gauge construction available 

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Download our Quick-Fit Sleeve Assembly Product Data sheet (includes Assembly instructions)

ø A in Material Thickness Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
8 Galv 14ga 4202-08XD-100000‍ 8010005122‍
9 Galv 14ga 4202-09XD-100000‍ 8010005123‍
10 Galv 14ga 4202-10XD-100000‍ 8010005107‍
11 Galv 14ga 4202-11XD-100000‍ 8010005108‍
12 Galv 14ga 4202-12XD-100000‍ 8010005109‍
13 Galv 14ga 4202-13XD-100000‍ 8010005110‍
14 Galv 14ga 4202-14XD-100000‍ 8010005111‍
15 Galv 14ga 4202-15XD-100000‍ 8010005112‍
16 Galv 14ga 4202-16XD-100000‍ 8010005113‍
17 Galv 14ga 4202-17XD-100000‍ 8010005114‍
18 Galv 14ga 4202-18XD-100000‍ 8010005115‍
19 Galv 14ga 4202-19XD-100000‍ 8010005116‍
20 Galv 14ga 4202-20XD-100000‍ 8010005117‍
21 Galv 14ga 4202-21XD-100000‍ 8010005118‍
22 Galv 14ga 4202-22XD-100000‍ 8010005119‍
23 Galv 14ga 4202-23XD-100000‍ 8010005120‍
24 Galv 14ga 4202-24XD-100000‍ 8010005121‍

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