Installation of our solar array is complete


Installation of 2,380 solar panels on our rooftop is now completed and solar power is being generated.

The rooftop solar system of 1,050 kW will produce an estimated 1,417 Megawatt hours of electricity per year. This will cover roughly 47% of the estimated energy consumption at our QF Plant facility and will also reduce Nordfab's carbon footprint by 1,004 metric tons. This is the equivalent of 218 passenger cars being taken off the road or the energy needed to power 121 homes for a year. With the installation of over 1 Megawatt of solar, Nordfab will have one of the top 5 largest rooftop solar installations in the Triad.

Not only do we sell a sustainable ducting product which is easily re-used, we are manufacturing it in a far more sustainable way!

The solar array installation began just after the completion of our new 55,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, part of our Nordfab Now® project, which will allow us to ship our most commonly ordered products the day after order placement. The expansion is part of our $5.5 million growth project intended to provide faster and better customer service.

To learn more details about this project, see our original announcement  

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