Improvements to Quick-Fit Sealed Duct Solution

Nordfab QFS duct systemLeakage of oil mists and cutting fluids from process ventilation ducts or from operating equipment can create health / safety hazards for employees and affect machinery. Nordfab provides the QFS™ Sealed Duct system to protect against leaks.

QFS Ducting is quick and easy to install, requiring a fraction of the installation time required for many other types of ductwork. QFS incorporates leak-proof seals (QFS Gasket) wherever the duct is connected (clamped together), caulking (QFS Sealant) wherever the duct seams need extra protection to prevent leakage, and Quick-Fit® Ducting components precision manufactured to tight tolerances.

QFS Gasket on QF DuctWe have just re-designed our QFS Gasket so it wraps snugly around the Quick-Fit® rolled edge of our clamp-together ducting for a secure fit that does not require adhesives. The gasket is easy to apply and is non-directional, allowing fast assembly of components. Watch the installation video below to see how easy it is to add gaskets to the QF ends on ductwork.

We are also now applying a new superior performance caulk to seal duct seams where needed. The new QFS Sealant is marine grade and highly resistant to UV exposure.

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NEW IMPROVED GASKET DESIGN: Installation of our new QFS Gaskets on the ends of Quick-Fit ductwork is quick and easy.


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