Flanged Oil Mist Drain Back for Hose

A recommended addition to any Nordfab QFS Sealed Duct system, a Drain Back at hose connections prevents oil from leaking from the hose onto machinery.

Nordfab offers QFS Sealed Duct to protect against leakage in ducting used in ventilation systems where oil mist or smoke are contaminants.

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ø A in Material T mm Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
3 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006509‍
4 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006510‍
5 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006511‍
6 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006512‍
7 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006513‍
8 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006514‍
9 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006515‍
10 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006516‍
12 Galv 22ga ---‍ 8010006517‍

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