Static Dissipative Hose

Nordfab’s Static Dissipative Hose provides great abrasion resistance and high tear strength as well as superior chemical resistance, excellent flexibility, and tolerance for applications with wide temperature ranges (-65° F to 225° F).

The hose is constructed of a medium weight clear static dissipative polyurethane reinforced with a bronze coated spring steel wire helix.

Sold in 5′ lengths, examples 5', 10', 15'.

To attach hose to duct fittings or machines, use Bridge Hose Clamps or Hose Clamps and Hose Adapters.

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Download our Static Dissipative Hose Product Data sheet


ø A in Material Thickness Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
4 Polyurethane 3279-0400-000000‍ 8010004040‍
5 Polyurethane 3279-0500-000000‍ 8010004041‍
6 Polyurethane 3279-0600-000000‍ 8010004042‍
8 Polyurethane 3279-0800-000000‍ 8010004043‍
10 Polyurethane 3279-1000-000000‍ 8010004037‍
12 Polyurethane 3279-1200-000000‍ 8010004038‍

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