Gripple Hanger

Gripple Hangers are the most common hanging method for QF® duct due to ease of use. In addition to saving time and reducing labor costs, the flexibility of Gripple hangers allows suspension of ductwork from nearly any angle, yet maintains unyielding support.

  • 15' length
  • Specify size when ordering

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ø A in Material Thickness Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
1 Galv Up to 22 lbs 3266-1500-022LBS‍ 8010004090‍
2 Galv Up to 100 lbs 3266-1500-100LBS‍ 8010004091‍
3 Galv Up to 200 lbs 3266-1500-200LBS‍ 8010004092‍
4 Galv Up to 495 lbs 3266-1500-495LBS‍ 8010004093‍
5 Galv Up to 715 lbs 3266-1500-715LBS‍ 8010004094‍

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