Drop Out Box

Nordfab's Quick-Fit® Drop Out Box stops large wood chips in the airstream. Inside the duct, deflectors knock chips downward into the built-in hopper.

  • When ordering, specify diameter and end style.
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Available with flanged ends in diameters up to 16", and other various end types

Contact Nordfab or your local Nordfab dealer for assistance with optional end styles, larger sizes, and material / gauge options.

Quick-Fit ducting has been used in a wide variety of applications, wherever dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required. Quick-Fit saves time and money on installation, is easy to clean out, is adaptable to existing ductwork, and is easily re-used during shop floor reconfigurations. Learn more about why Quick-Fit may be the best solution for you.

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Drop Out Boxes are commonly used in wood industry applications. Learn more about Nordfab Ducting in wood supply and woodworking applications.

ø A in ø B (in) Material T mm Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
6 4 Galv 14/18ga 44 8010007000‍
7 4 Galv 14/18ga 44 8010007001‍
8 6 Galv 14ga 44 8010007002‍
9 6 Galv 14ga 44 8010007003‍
10 8 Galv 14ga 44 8010007004‍
11 8 Galv 14ga 44 8010007005‍
12 10 Galv 14ga 44 8010007006‍
14 12 Galv 14ga 44 8010007007‍
16 14 Galv 14ga 44 8010007008‍

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