Flanged Branch 12ga

12 Gauge Branches have leak-free, solid welded seams, which make them ideal for applications where material conveyed in the dust collection line is highly abrasive or for areas in the duct line where there is excessive wear.

• Vanstone ends with rotational Angle Flanges is standard. If welded flanges are required, clocking must be specified.
• All branch types available: Standard branch, Y Branch, Double Branch, Tee Branch, In Cut and Tap In.
• When ordering, specify, dimensions, end styles, and angle.
• Length = C X 2 + 15"

• Available in Galvanized
• Available with flanged ends in diameters up to 72", and other various end types
• Available with standard or optional angles
• Optional gauges 22, 20, 18, 16, 14 and 10

Contact Nordfab or your local Nordfab dealer for assistance with larger sizes and material / gauge options.

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