Nordfab Ducting Co-sponsors Webinar: Overlooked Aspects of Combustible Dust Design

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Nordfab Ducting has co-sponsored a complimentary webinar titled Overlooked Aspects of Combustible Dust Design, presented by Powder & Bulk Solids magazine.

Webinar Details:

Speaker: Diane Cave, Regional Manager of Eastern Canada, Element6 Solutions
Kevin Cronin, Editor in Chief, Powder, Bulk and Solids

Title: Overlooked Aspects of Combustible Dust Design 

Combustible dust design is more than inlet isolation, discharge isolation, and explosion protection. This webinar delves into the aspects of combustible dust design that are often overlooked, such as explosion vent placement to create safe blast zones, blast zones in general, vessel strength, vent duct design, and interlock.

The webinar reviews some common issues with these various topics, as well as the correct implementation of design and NFPA requirements.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Explosion vent placement with respect to safe blast zones
  • Thrust force of explosion vents
  • Strength of ducting
  • Strength of explosion vent ducts
  • Vessel strength (Pred)
  • Interlocks

For each of these above topics, the webinar covers commonly overlooked design and installation aspects. As well as the negative side effects of overlooking them. The webinar aims to give attendees insight into the dangers simple mistakes can cause when designing for combustible dusts.

The objective is to arm attendees with enough knowledge to know what to ask and look for to ensure they have a safe installation pertaining to these topics.

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