Construction of our Nordfab Now® facility expansion is complete

Construction is complete on Nordfab's new 54,000 sq ft of production and warehouse space

Above: Before construction (June 2022) and today (April 2023)


Construction is complete on our new 55,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, part of our Nordfab Now® project, which will allow us to ship our most commonly ordered products the day after order placement. 

We have expanded our main production and warehouse facility from 87,000 to 142,000 square feet.  

The expansion is part of our $5.5 million growth project intended to provide faster and better customer service.

Included in the project with the additional space are a 1+ Megawatt rooftop solar array, currently being installed, and additional material handling automation. 

To learn more details about this project, see our original announcement


Below: Employee entrance to new building

employee entrance to Nordfab's new facility

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