Webinar: Exploring Static Pressure in Dust Collection Systems

Powder & Bulk Solids DryPro webinar on static pressure in dust collection systems


On January 24th, Nordfab Ducting co-sponsored a complimentary webinar titled "Exploring Static Pressure in Dust Collection Systems: What it Means, Why it’s Important, and How to Calculate it". A recording of the video is available below.

Webinar Details

Speaker: Diane Cave, Regional Manager of Eastern Canada, Element6 Solutions
Moderator: Kevin Cronin, Editor in Chief, Powder, Bulk and Solids

When it comes to dust collection systems everyone talks about static pressure. What is it? Why is it so important with respect to the dust collection system? What happens if it is forgotten? How is it calculated? These are all questions that come up time and time again when the topic of static pressure is brought up. This webinar will shed some light on the mystery of static pressure and create a better understanding of it with respect to dust collection systems and system design.

Webinar attendees asked if there is an online solution to simplify pressure loss calculations. The answer is YES! Nordfab experts can provide this information for you using our tool, Quick-Fit Visual®, which automatically calculates pressure loss in the ducting. Request a 3D design with pressure loss information for your next ductwork installation.


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