Oakley Air System Ducting Installation at Plastics Manufacturing Facility

Nordfab QFS sealed ducting installed at plastics manufacturing facilityPolywood Roxboro transforms recycled plastic into POLYWOOD® lumber which is used to build a wide array of all-weather furniture.

At Polywood's North Carolina plant, a costly, welded exhaust piping was being used for its vacuum pumps.

Nordfab Authorized Dealer, Oakley Air Systems, evaluated the 30-pump system and determined that Nordfab's QFS Ducting would provide a cost-effective alternative which would provide greater flexibility for future retrofits.

One of the benefits of Nordfab Quick-Fit® Ducting is that it is easy and quick to install / replace / reconfigure.

QFS Ducting is the sealed version of Quick-Fit, providing the same benefits as Quick-Fit. The simple-to-install QFS Gasket is added wherever ductwork is clamped together and duct is caulked (sealed) at seams wherever needed. 

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Oakley Air Systems is located in Apex, NC.

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Nordfab QFS Sealed Ducting installed


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