Introducing our newly redesigned Spark Trap


We are introducing a new version of our Spark Trap which we redesigned using flow design software to simulate the travel of steel sparks through the Trap.

What does our new 2.0 design offer?

  • Even better pressure loss. Nordfab's original Spark Trap already had the lowest pressure loss compared to similar products and our version 2.0 is even better.
  • Improvements based upon flow design analysis
  • Can be installed into duct line in vertical or horizontal position
  • Reduced risk of internal buildup
  • Quick clamp disassembly for sizes up to 18 inches

The video above is a demonstration of the In-line Spark Trap in a duct line. For this video, we simulated a metal grinding installation in which sparks might be generated and enter the airstream flowing in from below Spark Trap 2.0. As you can see, in the airstream exiting the Trap, sparks have been extinguished.

Visit the QF Spark Trap 2.0 product page |  Download the Spark Trap 2.0 brochure

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