Nordfab Sealed Duct System (QFS)

Nordfab offers QFS™ Sealed Duct to protect against leakage in ducting used in ventilation systems where oil mist and smoke are contaminants. The key components of the Nordfab® QFS system are:

1) Leak-resistant seams on the ductwork:

- Laser welded pipe
- Caulked seams / joints on other components as needed. Nordfab has recently switched to a new more durable, marine grade sealant which offers improved UV exposure performance.

2 ) QFS Gaskets applied to the duct ends at the joints. Nordfab has re-designed the QFS Gasket so it is easier to install and does not require adhesives. Other benefits include a non-directional design, fewer sizes needed, and the same conductive material.

3) The QFS O-ring for the Quick-Fit® Sleeve which is used where variable lengths are needed

Oil Mist Recyclers and Drain Backs for Hose are additional QFS components which can be installed where needed.

*Due to variables beyond our control, Nordfab Ducting cannot guarantee a leak proof system in all installations, even when using caulk & “leak free” gaskets. Some of the variables that impact this include: the craftsmanship of the duct installation, the chemicals within the duct, and the expertise of the designer.

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