Nordfab Ductwork for Coffee Roasting Application

Example Installation: Coffee Roaster
Example Installation: Coffee Roasting
Company: Ambex New Harmony in Florida
Application: Fume, vapor and heat extraction
Machines Connected: Two ports, one machine
Description of installation: Nordfab Quick-Fit® was used for fume and heat extraction on the coffee roaster. The clamp-together product allows for easy cleaning, which is very important in the coffee roasting industry due to very sticky buildup.


  • Local regulations and guidelines must be considered when installing ducting; please consult with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Users of Nordfab products are responsible for verifying that temperatures in all process ventilation components do not exceed recommendations for Nordfab products. Review our Temperature Rating Guidelines.
  • Standard Nordfab duct is not designed for unexposed areas where double walled duct is required.
  • Nordfab duct should not be used as exhaust ducting from the afterburner.
  • Flexible ducting is not recommended for coffee roasting systems.

nordfab duct on coffee roaster

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