Nordfab Ducting Co-sponsors Combustible Dust Webinar

Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine Webinar

Watch "Right-Sizing Explosion Protection through Dust Testing" Webinar

Nordfab Ducting is proud to help sponsor  a Combustible Dust Webinar presented by Powder & Bulk Solids magazine.

Webinar Details:
Martin Clouthier, MSc., PEng., director, Jensen Hughes
Moderator: Kevin Cronin, Editor in Chief, Powder, Bulk and Solids

: Right-Sizing Explosion Protection through Dust Testing
Synopsis: Isn’t the literature value close enough?” “We already tested this 10 years ago.” While some information may be available characterizing a dust’s hazard characteristics, a small investment in appropriately understanding specific properties of your facility’s dusts can result in substantial savings in explosion protection equipment and maintenance. This session will review the science behind many common dust tests, and specifically how using the cubic meter chamber in lieu of the standard 20L vessel can justify elimination or reduction of explosion protection equipment in certain situations.

If you were unable to attend the webinar on November 14th, click here for audio and video of the presentation or click here to download a pdf of the slide presentation.