illustration of manufacturing facility with oil mist ducting

Ductwork for Oil Mist and Cutting Fluid Applications

Nordfab QFS Sealed Ducting

Illustration of a facility housing machines that require sealed duct

Reduce Oil Mist Health Hazards & Safety Risks

machiningQuick-Fit® Sealed Ducting offers a complete range of diameters and accessories for easy-to-fix professional installations.
Manufactured from galvanised or stainless steel with welded seams, which have a smoother internal surface and provide greatly enhanced leak resistance, Nordfab ducting offers an unbeatable solution for oil mist and cutting fluid applications as well as all other general purpose dust extraction duties.
In addition to welded seams, bends, branches, reducers and all other components that have either a spot welded or peened joint are sealed using a 2-pac epoxy.
QFS components are easily clipped together and sealed using a Quick-Fit clip and additional sealing gasket held firmly in place by positive over-centre clamping action. See all our QFS duct products.


  • QF Sealed Ducting for fast installation with no special tools, no painting and flexible working
  • Easy to assemble installation components
  • Neat slip duct connections to adapt and adjust ducting on site during installation
  • Welded straight ducts for smoother surface and enhanced leak resistance
  • Prevents leakage, reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and damage to machinery
  • Easy to extend or take apart completely for cleaning, reconfiguring or relocation
  • Full range of accessories and installation components
  • Adapters available to connect to and extend all other duct systems
  • All you need from one comprehensive, tried and tested range
  • Stainless steel also available


  • Steel mills
  • Rolling mills
  • Rubber and plastic industry
  • Hardening and heat treating industry
  • Metalwork and engineering industry when:
    • Turning
    • Cutting
    • Milling
    • Grinding
    • Drilling

Contact Nordfab for assistance with your oil mist application or to learn more about our ducting solution.