No leakage with Nordfab Quick-Fit Sealed (QFS) ducting

Nordfab has, in collaboration with the Danish ventilation company Kemp & Lauritzen, delivered a Quick-Fit Sealed (QFS) ducting system for oil mist to the industrial company TriTech. The result has been very positive, not a single leakage has occurred since the installation of QFS. 

Fast installation

The Danish company TriTech, specialists in chip removal and forging work in all materials, needed a good solution to be able to transport their material without the risk of leakage. Nordfab's QFS ducting system reduces the risk of leakage and is intended for oil mist, emulsions and coolants. The straight ducts are laser welded, bends and manifolds are sealed, and the gasket to secure extra seal between the duct parts is made of nitrile rubber. All QFS ducting components have a rolled edge at the ends, making it easy and safe to assemble using our clips which contain an extra gasket for better seal.  Because Nordfab's QFS ductwork system is assembled with a clip, no rivets, screws or welding are needed, which reduces installation time by more than 45% compared to installing ducting systems with flanges.

No oil spills or slippery floors can endanger the employees

Nordfab's QFS ductwork system for oil mist, or applications where there is a need for tight process ventilation pipes for liquids, ensures that there is no unnecessary pressure drop due to leakage. TriTech is extremely satisfied with the performance of Nordfab's QFS pipe system. Since the installation they have not had a single leak. In addition, TriTech sees a major safety advantage with the QFS pipe system, as the risk of slippery floors, and thus possible injuries and sick leave for their employees, is eliminated.

TriTech's co-owner, Henning Korsgaard, announced that they are satisfied with the quick assembly time and that all ducting components can be easily dismantled and reused when changes are made in the production halls. "Going forward, only Nordfab's QFS may be used where there is a need for sealed ductwork systems," says Korsgaard.

The installation at TriTech was carried out by Kemp & Lauritzen in Denmark. Are you interested in learning more about our Quick-Fit Sealed (QFS) ductwork? Contact us by filling out the form and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist. 

QFS Installation
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