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Nordfab Oil Mist System Components

Nordfab QFS Oil Mist System Components

Nordfab offers the QFS™ Sealed Ducting system to protect against leakage in ducting used in ventilation systems where oil mist and smoke are contaminants. The key components of the Nordfab Oil Mist System are: 

  • Leak-resistant seams on the ductwork: Laser welded straight duct and caulked seams / joints on other components
  • QFS Gaskets applied to the duct ends at the joints. We have made improvements to the design of the QFS Gasket so it is easier to install and does not require adhesives. Gaskets are included in our QFS Premium Clip Kits.
  • Slip Duct with the Oil Mist O-ring where variable lengths are needed.

Oil Mist Drains and QFS Dampers may also be installed where needed.


New QFS Gasket design: Installation of our new QFS Gaskets on the ends of Quick-Fit ductwork is quick and easy.



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