Ducting for EV Battery and component plants

Powering Clean Air: Tailored Ducting Solutions for EV Battery and Components Plants

Nordfab experts have the experience and high quality ducting required for EV battery and component manufacturing facilities. 

Choosing the right ducting for a EV Battery or Component Plant

Nordfab’s Quick-Fit modular clip-together ducting is installed in hundreds of thousands of industrial and commercial air filtration, fume extraction, and dust collection applications, including battery assembly plants. Quick-Fit offers these benefits:

  1. Sustainability: Nordfab ductwork can easily be re-used and relocated as facility requirements evolve.
  2. Fast installation: Quick-Fit’s modular ducting system is quick and easy to install using clips. No special tools, rivets or welding is needed during installation, saving up to 50% on installation time compared to flanged ductwork.
  3. Cost saving: With less downtime during installation, and the fact that it can easily be re-used, Nordfab’s Quick-Fit provides one of the lowest overall life-cycle costs of ducting components on the market. 
  4. No leakage: Sealed duct system prevent leakage, resulting in energy savings and perfect performance.
  5. Easy cleanouts: No special tools are needed to dismantle the Quick-Fit ducting system during cleanouts.

The right expertise

Nordfab introduced Quick-Fit clip-together ductwork, with its unique rolled edge ends and easy-to-use clips, in 1990. As well as being the originator, Nordfab is the industry leader, and the world’s largest manufacturer of modular clip-together ducting for industrial ventilation, with capability of producing more than 3500 ducting components per day. 

The right resources

For facility designers and engineers, Nordfab offers:

  • Industry-standard product specifications: MasterSpec (AIA), ARCAT, SpecLink.
  • NordCAD: an installation design application for CAD plug-in.
  • Quick-Fit Visual (QFV): a 3D drawing tool for designing ductwork installations.
  • Our in-house experienced installation design team and expert dealer support across the globe.

Our capabilities include:

  • Ducting produced in our ISO-certified and process-oriented manufacturing environment.
  • Large volume of stock ready to ship.
  • Fast order fulfillment for both stock and custom ductwork.
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