Nordfab Duct Installation Design

A Fast and Friendly CAD Drawing Tool

NordCAD Metric drawing of QF duct with branches

Nordfab Europe offers a complimentary CAD-based software tool to assist with designing Nordfab ductwork installations. NordCAD™ Metric allows a user to place 2D CAD illustrations of Nordfab’s duct components into a layout.

Nordfab Metric can be used with Nordfab Europe’s quoting / ordering tool, Quick Tick Online™, to quickly estimate pricing for the ductwork used in an installation, based on a bill of material for items shown in the drawing.

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NordCAD Metric is designed for users located in EMEA countries; all dimensions are in metric units of measurement. For users of imperial dimensioned products, please visit our Nordfab Americas page to request a download of NordCAD 3.2AX.

NordCAD is functional only with full versions of AutoCAD software.

Please click here or on the registration tab above to register for NordCAD Metric. Nordfab will use your registration information to email you news regarding updates to the software.

NordCAD Metric can be used with Nordfab’s quoting tool to quickly generate a quote for the duct needed for the installation. Click below to view a video illustrating drawing creation in NordCAD, BOM export, and Nordfab Quick Tick Online™ quote creation.

NOTE: All risks associated with Nordfab software downloads are the responsibility of the user. Nordfab LLC is not responsible for any failures or other harm which may occur to your computer after you download or install this complimentary software. You must accept Nordfab’s License Agreement to register for use of this software.

Assistance with Ducting Layouts for Your Plant or Shop

If you do not have AutoCAD, Nordfab Ducting can provide, through our authorized dealers, detailed drawings and parts lists for your duct system. Your local dealer may request that you complete a questionnaire detailing machine locations and sizes as well as general information about your dust collection system.

Contact Nordfab for assistance:  Nordfab Americas  | Nordfab Asia  |  Nordfab Europe  |  Nordfab UK