Spark Traps: Cheap, Easy and Affordable

Glowing flow of sparks

What is a Spark Trap?

A spark trap is a mechanical device that can be placed inline with your ducting system. Spark traps, also known as spark arrestors, have no moving parts, require no power source and are easy to include into an existing ducting system. The purpose of the spark trap is to stop sparks and glowing embers from reaching the dust collector.

Sparks and embers are somewhat inevitable in many types of manufacturing. They can, however, be dangerous and detrimental to production. Placing a spark trap into a ducting system is a cheap and simple way to reduce the risk of fires or explosions.

Nordfab spark traps are designed to efficiently disrupt the laminar airflow without reducing the speed or volume of the air passing through the duct work. This disruption introduces turbulence to the airflow, extinguishing sparks and reducing risk of sparks reaching the collector.

Why are they so important?

Any system at risk of fire or explosion should use an ATEX system, a filter purposely designed to safely manage combustive or explosive events. When incorporated into an ATEX system, a spark trap adds an extra level of peace of mind and could potentially save money as well as lives. By removing sparks before they reach the ATEX filter, the spark trap further reduces risks involved with combustible or explosive dust. Addition of a spark trap could reduce the need for ATEX blast panels to be reset/replaced, providing a substantial cost saving.

A spark trap should not be considered as a replacement for a well-engineered and expertly fitted ATEX system. However, it can be considered a low cost inclusion to your duct system in conjunction with ATEX.

Is it complicated to fit?

Including a spark trap into a Nordfab system couldn’t be simpler thanks to the revolutionary Quick-Fit® clip together system. Using the Nordfab® original QF® Clips and duct with rolled ends, a Nordfab Spark Trap can be installed into a duct system in minutes without any specialised tools or training.

Need to move your workshop around? The beauty of Nordfab’s QF Clips is that your entire duct system is completely modular. Quick-Fit is easy to take apart and ’s non-destructive, meaning the parts can be used again and again. No welding or adhesives are used to hold segments together, just our amazingly quick and easy clamp system.

If you need to move your spark trap to the other side of your workshop, simply unclip it, replace the trap with an equal length of duct, and install the Spark Trap where needed.