New Fiber Laser Cutter at Nordfab Europe

Nordfab Europe's new fiber laser cutter

The replacement of an old laser cutter with a brand new one has not only increased capacity at Nordfab Europe, but also given the company a plus in the “green” category.

Not only is the cutting process more precise than before, cutting speed is significantly higher, considerably reducing consumption of electricity and gas.

“This improvement fits perfectly with the company's environmental policy, where there is a focus on continuous improvements and better utilization of resources,” says Jesper Kjeldsen, General Manager.

“Our investment in a new Prima Power Platino 1530 3 kW fiber laser cutter has proved beneficial not only for our customers but also for the company itself,” says Jesper Kjeldsen. “This machine’s placement helped us realize a long-desired change in the production flow. The fiber laser cutter can cut many different materials, and especially in thin plate, it is far more efficient than the old one. Laser cutting is required in the manufacturing of a very large number of our products. With this machine, we have increased reliability as well as cutting capacity well into the future.”