illustration of manufacturing facility with oil mist ducting

Ductwork for Oil Mist and Cutting Fluid Applications

Nordfab QFS Sealed Ducting

Illustration of a facility housing machines that require sealed duct

Reduce Oil Mist Health Hazards & Safety Risks

machining Leakage of oil mists and cutting fluids from ducting can cause health hazards and safety risks for workers, including respiratory ailments and increased risks of accidents.

Nordfab Ducting offers a three part system for sealing ductwork to prevent leakage: Leak-free Gaskets, Leak-free O-rings, and Epoxy Caulking. The combination of these Oil Mist System components with Nordfab’s Duct, which features solid welded seams, providing excellent leakage protection.

Locations where sealed ducting may be advisable can include: steel mills, rolling mills, rubber and plastic manufacturing facilities, hardening and heat treating facilities, and metalwork processes such as turning, cutting, milling, grinding, drilling.

And the use of Nordfab’s Oil Mist system eliminates:

  • Cost of weld labor to fully weld each seam
  • Cost of highly skilled workers to install ductwork
  • Time needed for welding seams
  • Gooey caulks or sealants

One more benefit — Quick-Fit® (QF®) leak-free components can be taken apart and reconfigured to accommodate machinery moves and floor plan changes.

Oil Mist Health Hazards & Safety Risks

  • Respiratory ailments
  • Eczema and other skin conditions
  • Increased risk of falls and related accidents
  • Pollution of general ventilation system
  • Damage to sensitive electronics
  • Creates a dirty environment

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