Allows quick connection of QFS ductwork to machine ports.

Nordfab QFS Sealed Duct
• QF sealed ducting offers a complete range of diameters and accessories for easy-to-fix professional installations.
• Manufactured from galvanised steel or stainless steel with laser welded seams, which have smoother internal surfaces and provide greatly enhanced leak resistance, Nordfab ducting offers an unbeatable solution for all general purpose dust extraction duties.
• The Quick-Fit™ clip features a generously dimensioned sealing gasket held firmly in place by positive over-centre clamping action over the rolled collars at the duct ends to be joined. For added security, a locking pin may be inserted.
• All bends, branches, reducers, and other items with joints or collars are epoxy caulked. And when clipping the ductwork together, an additional nitrile gasket is placed between the parts to avoid leakage.

Adapter Machine Expanded QFS Galv 0,7mm 125QF L=130mm


QFS Machine Adapter Expanded
ø A (mm) Material Thickness Length Weight (kg) Legacy Art. Nr. Art. No.
80 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,25 LF22023-080 8210000038
100 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,3 LF22023-100 8210000039
125 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,38 LF22023-125 8210000040
140 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,43 LF22023-140 8210000041
150 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,45 LF22023-150 8210000042
160 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,48 LF22023-160 8210000043
180 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,58 LF22023-180 8210000044
200 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,63 LF22023-200 8210000045
224 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,7 LF22023-224 8210000046
250 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,8 LF22023-250 8210000047
300 Galv 0,7mm 130 0,98 LF22023-300 8210000048