Flanged Manual Blast Gate

Nordfab’s Manual Blast Gate allows manual operation and is constructed of a cast aluminum body with angle flanged ends.

Standard flanged end is rotational Angle Flanged retained via a vanstone lip on the collar.

  • Available in galvanized steel and 304SS in diameters from 3" to 30"
  • Available with QF ends in diameters up to 24", and other various end types
  • Optional gauges 22, 20, 16, and 14

Contact Nordfab or your local Nordfab dealer for assistance with smaller or larger sizes and material / gauge options.

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ø A in Material T mm Length (in) Weight (lbs) Legacy Item No. Item No.
26 Galv 18ga 3240-2600-100000‍ 8010002271‍‍
28 Galv 18ga 3240-2800-100000‍‍ 8010002273‍‍
30 Galv 18ga 3240-3000-100000‍‍ 8010002275‍‍
26 304SS 18ga 3240-2600-200000‍ 8010002209‍
28 304SS 18ga 3240-2800-200000‍ 8010002201‍
30 304SS 18ga 3240-3000-200000‍ 8010002219‍

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