Oil Mist Recycler

Nordfab QF Oil Mist Recycler

In addition to duct sealing, some oil mist applications can benefit from Nordfab’s Oil Mist Recycler. The Oil Mist Recycler can extend filter media life, reduce maintenance costs, and decreaseContact Nordfab Americas issues caused by capturing and transporting large volumes of liquids to the collector.

The idea for the Oil Mist Recycler is simple – capture most of the mist near the pick-up point and return it to the machine. The Oil Mist Recycler houses a removable, industry-standard impingement baffle. This baffle acts as a system prefilter and mechanically extracts droplets and mist from the air-stream. Liquid collected in the Oil Mist Recycler drains into a sump and is returned to the machine via a drain port. The Oil Mist Recycler comes standard with two drain taps so that it cam be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The baffle and canister-shaped design cause only a minimal pressure drop across the Oil Mist Recycler.

Download our Oil Mist and Cutting Fluid Duct System flyer

*Due to variables beyond our control, Nordfab Ducting cannot guarantee a leak proof system in all installations, even when using the Epoxy caulk & “leak free” gaskets. Some of the variables that impact this include: the craftsmanship of the duct installation, the chemicals within the duct, and the expertise of the designer.