Which Industries Use Nordfab Ducting?

Industries That Need Cleaner Air

Nordfab ducting can be and is used in industrial air cleaning / process ventilation systems of all types - almost anywhere a dust collector, industrial air filter, weld or fume collector, baghouse, or cyclone installed. 

Clean air provides a safer environment for workers and can help maintain machinery efficiency. Proper air filtration also reduces risks of fires and explosions that can be caused by the buildup of combustible dust. 

Manufactured from galvanized steel with laser or plasma welded seams, which have smoother internal surfaces and provide greatly enhanced leak resistance, Nordfab QF® ducting offers an unbeatable solution for all general purpose dust extraction duties. The easy to assemble components allow fast installation with no special tools and no painting.

Nordfab ductwork has been installed by these manufacturers or in these types of facilities:

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