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The Nordfab Group manufacture and supply high performance ducting to trade customers worldwide. With sales and manufacturing facilities across Europe, Asia and the Americas, Nordfab is the industry leader and world’s largest supplier of clip-together ductwork for dust, mist, fume and smoke applications and industrial ventilation.

Introduced in 1990, Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® ductwork, with unique rolled ends and easy-to-use clips, can cut installation times by up to 50%, saving contractors time and money when compared to alternative types of ductwork. Learn more about Nordfab products

Nordfab UK

In the UK, Nordfab own and operate a 1050m² manufacturing facility in Leeds West Yorkshire, offering an extensive range of ducting with plasma welded seams for lower leakage and maximum system performance.

Fast, Friendly and Reliable

Our communication and daily work is based on us being Fast, Friendly and Reliable – FFR.
 We challenge, reconsider and create results. We are modern, proactive and focus on the customer. We take the initiative and find profitable solutions to the problems that we and our customers face.
 We are easy to deal with. We understand our customer’s needs and create long term partnerships. We are professional and put emphasis on creating personal engagements.
We are reliable. Our range of work holds a high quality standard and the customer has confidence in our capabilities.


Nordfab Ducting shall be leading in customer satisfaction by always delivering products, solutions and services that meet our customers’ expectations and by continuously evaluating and improving our performance.


Nordfab Ducting shall provide solutions that improve the environment inside and outside of our customer’s factories.
Our work shall meet current legislation, and focus on continuous improvement & resource efficiency – thereby contributing to sustainable development and minimized impact on the environment.

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Nordfab UK

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