Nordfab Ducting Hoods and Transitions

Nordfab Duct Hoods & Transitions

Nordfab Ducting offers a variety of small hoods for local exhaust ventilation. Nordfab hoods are economically priced and can be quickly produced. Available in galvanized and stainless steel construction with diameters up to 72" and square / rectangular ends to 120". These include:


Transitions - Rectangular to Round and Square to Square

Nordfab Transitions are highly customizable. When ordering, specify material, gauge (if non-standard), round end size (if needed), square / rectangular end A and end B, and end styles. End styles include round end: QF, Raw ID, Raw OD, No Fitting, Hose Adapter, Flanged, or Van Stone. Square / rectangular ends can be flanged, hemmed or raw.

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Nordfab Canopy Hood

Canopy Hoods

Nordfab Canopy Hoods are built like our Rectangular to Round Transitions but available in standard sizes for standard pricing and quick turnaround.

Nordfab Barrel Hood




Barrel Filling Hoods

Nordfab Barrel Hoods are standard with a 24″ diameter. Choose the takeoff size of 4″, 6″, or 8″, depending on your material. Pre-engineered and ready to use.

Nordfab Router Hoods



Router Hoods

Dimensionally, Nordfab Router Hoods are very similar to surface grinder hoods and are often used as a replacement. These come with or without a magnet; the Router Hood with Magnet allows the user to easily place the hood where desired.


Bell Mouth Hood



Bell Mouth Hoods

Nordfab Bell Mouth Hoods are available in a wide range of sizes, from 3″ to 24″. Especially good for capturing fumes and dusts while providing a very low hood entry loss.



Radial Armsaw Hood


Radial Armsaw Hoods

Nordfab Radial Arm Saw Hoods are specifically designed for the radial arm saw.


Nordfab Suction Hoods



Suction Hoods

Calling these hoods may be a bit of a misnomer. The Nordfab Suction Hood is more like a compact manifold that allows connection of up to six closely spaced pickups, ideal for a tight area with lots of pickups.




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Custom Hoods

If you need a customized hood or transition, contact us. You can request assistance with a drawing or send a drawing you have created to your local Nordfab dealer for pricing and availability.