Standard Duty Automatic Blast Gate

Most companies want to save energy, but ALL companies want to save money. Nordfab’s Standard-Duty Auto Gate provides both money and energy savings. By connecting the SD Automatic Blast Gate to the power supply of any industrial machine, users can save energy and money by only exhausting air during machinery operation.

If the machine is off, the gate stays closed, resulting in:

  • Increased suction at all other points in the system.
  • Lower energy requirements for the fan.
  • Less heated or cooled air exhausted out of the work area.

Save Energy and Money with Nordfab Blast Gates

As energy costs rise, it becomes more important for industrial equipment suppliers to take an active role in helping their customers save energy. One easy, effective and inexpensive way is to add blast gates, also described as “dampers”, to shut off airflow from all machines that run intermittently. This improves suction at other points in the system, reduces the amount of air that must be moved, and minimizes heated or cooled air exhausted from the work area.

SD-blast-gatesWhat’s more, the SD Gate is built for years of continuous use in the most demanding conditions. A heavy duty cast aluminum body is encased in protective galvanized sheeting to safely shield fingers from moving parts.

Efforts to test the gate “to failure” were abandoned after tens of thousands of cycles. You may find a cheaper gate somewhere else, but not with the long life and safety features of the SD Auto Gate.

The SD Auto Gate is priced for value-seeking users who need an extremely robust auto gate, but who are not willing to pay for all the bells and whistles most top-of-the-line gates offer. Click here for part number and additional information on the SD Auto Gate.

The SD Auto Gate is the latest member of the Nordfab blast gate family. Also available are: