Specifying Duct for Dust Collection is Easy with Nordfab’s MasterSpec Specification

specifying-Nordfab-on-MasterSpecNordfab’s Quick-Fit® Ducting has been a popular replacement for spiral ducting since the 1990s, due to its re-useability and the cost and time savings during installation. Nordfab duct is used in nearly every industry and is available in a range of material thicknesses to suit the toughness of the application. QF® ductwork has been third party tested to validate its strength and collapsibility.

Architects, engineers, and other facility designers who are MasterSpec® users can now easily specify Nordfab Quick-Fit from the clamp-together duct section in Product MasterSpec.

If you are a MasterSpec user, go to Section 233113 – 2.4 Metal Ducts: Single-wall round clamp-together ducts and fittings to download Nordfab’s duct specification:


Product_MasterSpec_Asset 1@3xMasterSpec is a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Please contact Nordfab if you have questions regarding Nordfab products or the MasterSpec specification.


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