Sliding Access Panel

Nordfab’s Sliding Access Panel (SAP) allows users easy, tool-free ducting access to clean out any clogs or gain access to spark detection/suppression equipment.

The SAP replaces the problematic bolt-on clean-out doors traditionally used in the ducting industry.

  • Closed Position
  • Partially Open
  • Fully Open

The SAP design is simple: A sleeve slides to cover — or allow access to – a large opening laser-cut into a standard 5-foot length of QF ducting.

  • When the panel is closed, two standard QF clamps and o-rings hold it tightly in place, with minimal leakage. Moreover, as there are no bolts or screws penetrating the duct, and as the access opening is laser cut into the pipe, the inside of the SAP is extremely smooth and tag-free.
  • By opening two clamps, users gain tool-free access via a large 7” x 14” opening in the duct. No tools are necessary.
  • The SAP comes ready-to-use from Nordfab. Installers simply clamp the pipe into place.
  • Due to the hole being laser cut into the pipe there is no reason to file or “clean up” around a ragged hole as it is already smooth and tag-free. Often, users of traditional bolt-on cleanout doors have found that poorly cut holes and screws penetrating the duct were actually the source of clogs.

The SAP consists of a standard length of QF pipe with an access opening laser cut into it. A pre-mounted 18-inch sleeve with two clamps and two rubber o-rings that covers and allows access.