Randolph Community College Welding Students Tour Nordfab Ducting

Randolph Community College students tour Nordfab manufacturing facilities

On June 28th, students and instructors from Randolph Community College’s welding department toured Nordfab’s QF and XD manufacturing facilities. Students learned about our production processes as well as skills needed for careers in metal fabrication and welding.  RCC students asked many questions about the operation of both plants and welding, as well as areas for employee opportunity and growth.

The group watched Nordfab’s entire process for manufacturing ductwork, from flat sheets of metal being cut on a laser to final fabrication of a part.

Several Nordfab production employees spoke to the students to help provide the “working man’s” view.

At the end of the tour, instructor Michael Ford stated that, “Covering the welding aspect in great detail was excellent; however, letting the students see the entire operation also opened their eyes to the world of metal fabrication.”

Thanks to Eddy Byrne, Nordfab Production Engineer, for coordinating this event.