Quick-Seal Clamps


Since 1986, the Nordfab Quick-Fit clamp has been the world’s best selling and best sealing duct clamp. It has set the standard for use in industrial dust, mist, smoke and fume collection. Many have tried to imitate it, but we’ve found none who have ever matched, or improved upon, its tight, leak-resistant seal. Until now!


The Nordfab Quick-Fit clamp uses our new revolutionary “overlap” design. This overlap ensures the tightest seal possible.

We developed this quick sealing clamp to meet the needs of 21st century manufacturing. With the high cost of electricity, a tighter sealing clamp means greater energy efficiency and that savings is multiplied for each clamp you use. Over the lifetime of a ducting system, your savings can be dramatic.












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Better Seal, Easier to Handle

Additionally, we have lengthened the Quick-Fit™ handle and made it stronger, giving you more leverage to clamp down for super tight seals.

In mist systems, our Quick-Seal clamp can also be used in conjunction with the Nordfab Mist Solution to provide the tightest seal possible.

Due to the super-tight fit of the Quick-Seal clamp, QF is appropriate for low pressure positive transfer systems.

The Quick-Seal handle is longer, stronger and provides a better grip.