Why Use Quick-Fit Ducting in Your Woodworking Facility?

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Nordfab Ducting in Wood Shops: A Proven Application

For more than 40 years, Nordfab™ ducting has been used around the world for dust collection in woodshops, from one-person shops in home garages to large manufacturing plants. Because Nordfab’s Quick-Fit™ duct is well-constructed, modular, and easy to put together or take apart, and because it is re-useable, it has become a standard for ducting in the woodworking industry.

Nordfab duct in woodworking shopNordfab is the perfect match for any growing wood shop for many reasons:

  • Quick-Fit (QF™) ducting can be installed by almost anyone – components are assembled with a simple clamp and Gripple hangers are easy to install to keep duct securely in place.
  • QF duct can easily be disassembled (unclamped) for relocation when woodworking machines are moved / or changed or new machines installed in the shop. Due to its sturdy construction, it can be re-used again and again.
  • QF duct can easily be moved from one building to another.
  • QF is a modular design system available in diameters from 3″ – 24″. Larger diameters are available with flanged connections and, for highly abrasive applications, Nordfab offers XD Ducting (heavier gauge ductwork).
  • Leakage is virtually non-existent, resulting in a highly efficient system where the suction is provided to the machines, not leakage in the ductwork.
  • All the components you need are available from one source, including manifolds and hoods for your machinery. Nordfab has designed and built manifolds to connect to many of the major woodworking machine models.
  • There is always a local representative to help you with layouts and exact product selection and design of custom products.

See Nordfab Ducting at a Trade Show

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Event  ¦ Location  ¦ 2017 Dates

The Woodworking Show  ¦ Baltimore MD  ¦ January 8 – 10
The Woodworking Show  ¦ Columbus OH  ¦ January 29 – 31
The Woodworking Show  ¦ Indianapolis IN  ¦ February 5 – 7
The Woodworking Show  ¦ St. Louis MO  ¦ February 12 – 14
The Woodworking Show  ¦ Somerset MA  ¦ February 19 – 21
The Woodworking Show  ¦ Detroit MI  ¦ March 4 – 6
The Woodworking Show  ¦ Tampa FL  ¦ March 18 – 20
The Woodworking Show  ¦ Atlanta GA  ¦ April 1 – 3
AWFS Fair  ¦  Las Vegas NV  ¦   July 19 – 20

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Nordfab duct in small woodworking shopNordfab duct in trade show booth