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General Engineering Specifications for Nordfab QF

Nordfab Quick-Fit™ Ducting is manufactured in Thomasville, NC. Nordfab ducting is a clamp-together design – components are fastened together with a single lever clamp which fits securely around the rolled edges on the ends of the duct components.

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Oil Mist Solutions

No More Duct Leaks With Our Three-Part System

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Standard Duty Automatic Blast Gates

Most customers want to save energy, but ALL customers want to save money. The Standard-Duty Auto Gate by Nordfab Ducting does both.

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Sliding Access Panel

Nordfab’s Sliding Access Panel (SAP) allows users easy, tool-free access to clean out any clogs or access to spark detection equipment.

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Mist Recycler

The Nordfab Mist Recycler (MR) can extend filter media life, reduce maintenance costs and decrease issues caused by capturing and transporting liquids to the collector.

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Quick-Seal Clamps

The Nordfab Quick-Seal clamp uses our revolutionary “overlap” design. This overlap ensures the tightest seal possible.

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Dust Collection Ductwork

In its simplest form, a dust collection system can be described as a vacuum cleaner where the dust collection ductwork is the hose and wand that draws the dust away from the machine creating it.

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Heavy Wall Ducting

QF duct is available in 18ga galvanized from 4” to 6” diameters, and 16ga galvanized from 7” to 24” diameters.

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Replacing Existing Duct with Quick Fit

Nordfab’s Quick-Fit  attaches easily to existing duct systems with an in-cut,  tap-in or adapter. This allows you to switch from time-consuming and inflexible flanged or spiral duct to Quick-Fit, in stages as you make changes to your machinery or floor plan.

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Benefits Over Spiral or Flanged Ducting

Across the globe, thousands of manufacturers replace standard flanged ducting with Nordfab Quick-Fit (QF) clamp-together ducting. Read more to see why.

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