Notes for Ordering Quick-Fit

What should you be aware of when ordering QF components from Nordfab Americas?

Order at least one clamp per QF component:
One duct pipe = one clamp
Two elbows = two clamps

Specify all dimensional and end style information:
Transitions – specify dimensions of A, B, D, L, X, Y and end style
Branches – A x B x C, or A x B x D, or A x B x C x D
Tap-in or In-cuts – A, B
Reducer – All diameters and end style

It is not possible to provide too much information!

Our dealers can provide you with quotes that have the correct number of clamps automatically calculated and they can assist you with determining what size information you may be missing. Find your local dealer.


Other helpful ordering information:

Boxing Information and Pipe Quantity sheets – how Nordfab duct pieces are packaged for transport

Carriers – Nordfab’s preferred freight transportation vendors

Terms and Conditions of Sale