Nordfab Quick-Fit In Polymer Manufacturing

Quick-Fit Ducting Used for Fume Control and Ventilation

Nordfab Quick-Fit ducting in plastics manufacturing facility

Goright PPL

Goright PPL is a Denver-based manufacturer of plastic packaging and containers used in a variety of markets.

drinkware manufactured at Goright PPLExamples of their major customers include:
•    a maker of pet treats (custom container shape)
•    a large retailer using the containers for its private labeled products
•    a marketer of a unique drinkware product seen on the TV show Shark Tank
•    a large retailer which has made popular reuseable, shatterproof, BPA-free “glassware” for wine and other cocktails.

In addition, Goright PPL provides customized drinkware and containers for short-run production needs – often to commemorate special occasions, such as weddings, corporate or personal anniversaries and events, and festivals / parties.

Quick-Fit Allows Easy Installation and Reconfiguration

The polymer extrusion blow molding process used generates fumes and heat, both of which need to be controlled in order to maintain employee comfort and machine efficiency. When the management team at Goright PPL began assessing the need for a fume control and ventilation system for their 86,000 ft2 facility, they considered that their plan to keep growing would mean adding new machinery in the future.

Shelly Hans (center) and Vickie Hans (right) are part of the Goright PPL management team which consulted with Emily Shults (left), their local provider of QF Ducting.

Shelly Hans (center) and Vickie Hans (right) are part of the Goright PPL management team which consulted with Emily Shults (left), their local provider of QF Ducting.

When the team learned about Nordfab Quick-Fit® (QF) clamp-together ducting and saw how easy QF ductwork is to install and reconfigure as needed, the team decided it would be the best solution for their ducting needs.

Goright PPL COO, Daniel Stotesbery, drew a layout of their manufacturing area using SketchUp (drawing shown below). The SketchUp drawing was then provided to Nordfab’s Application Engineering team, which added the appropriately sized ductwork to the drawing and provided a bill of material.

QF Ducting installationThe ability to install most of the ductwork with in-house staff was another factor in the selection of Quick-Fit. Goright PPL contracted with a local ventilation team to install a vent fan and the 40″ diameter QF Flanged Pipe along with some of the other largest pieces of Quick-Fit ductwork (shown at right).

Their in-house team of maintenance engineers installed the remaining ductwork. Installation was completed within a week.

The recently built facility is already operating 24/7 and has additional extrusion stations on order. The management team is very happy that the installation was successful and that adding duct drops during future installations of equipment will be simple with Quick-Fit Ducting.

An additional benefit cited by the Goright PPL team — the ductwork will eventually need to be cleaned out to remove chemical buildup. Quick-Fit is easy to disassemble, clean and re-use.

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