XD Adjustable Nipple Assembly

• The XD Adjustable Nipple Assembly is used to provide variable length adjustment of 14 gauge XD Ducting with QF ends.

• The assembly includes one Adjustable Nipple with O-ring, one nominally 5′ long 14ga XD Duct Pipe, and one QF Clamp. The XD Pipe has a QF rolled edge on one end, for connection to other QF end ductwork using the Quick-Fit (QF) Clamp, and is raw on the other end. The raw end can be cut down during installation to fill duct spans less than 5 feet in length.

• For vertical or horizontal installation. Install cut end of Pipe in direction of airflow.

• In all applications, duct must be supported in compliance with local regulations.

• For high temperature applications, red O-ring and QF Clamp with Silicone Seal or QF Clamp with ePTFE Seal may be needed (additional cost).


Download instructions for installing the XD Adjustable Nipple Assembly

Download the Technical Data sheet for the XD Adjustable Nipple Assembly


Product Description

XD Adjustable Nipple Assembly


Part No. Length of Nipple ONLY

nom. in.

Length of Assembly

nom. in.



8 4202-08XD 8.5 59 39
9 4202-09XD 43
10 4202-10XD 47
11 4202-11XD 53
12 4202-12XD 57
13 4202-13XD 62
14 4202-14XD 67
15 4202-15XD 72
16 4202-16XD 77
17 4202-17XD 81
18 4202-18XD 86
20 4202-20XD 95
22 4202-22XD 105
24 4202-24XD 114