XD Reducer – 14 Gauge

Nordfab XD Reducers provide easy transition from one size of duct pipe or fitting to a smaller size.

When ordering reducers, specify dimensions of both A and B ends.

Also specify reducer end style.

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Product Description

duct reducerQF length (L)= A-B+6″, 7″ min.
FL length (L)= A-B+8″, 9″ min.
X and Y are standard 2″ long nominal.

XD Reducer – 14 gauge


Part No. End Style
8 4222-08XX QF or ANGFL
9 4222-09XX QF or ANGFL
10 4222-10XX QF or ANGFL
11 4222-11XX QF or ANGFL
12 4222-12XX QF or ANGFL
13 4222-13XX QF or ANGFL
14 4222-14XX QF or ANGFL
15 4222-15XX QF or ANGFL
16 4222-16XX QF or ANGFL
17 4222-17XX QF or ANGFL
18 4222-18XX QF or ANGFL
20 4222-20XX QF or ANGFL
22 4222-22XX QF or ANGFL
24 4222-24XX QF or ANGFL
26 4222-26XX ANGFL
28 4222-28XX ANGFL
30 4222-30XX ANGFL
32 4222-32XX ANGFL
34 4222-34XX ANGFL
36 4222-36XX ANGFL
38 4222-38XX ANGFL
40 4222-40XX ANGFL
42 4222-42XX ANGFL
44 4222-44XX ANGFL
46 4222-46XX ANGFL
48 4222-48XX ANGFL