Nordfab’s Manufacturing Capabilities

pipe_laserNordfab Ducting aerial of 150 transit avenue Thomasville NCDuring 2015, Nordfab Ducting Americas invested $2.5 million in new equipment and technology at our QF Plant, including an automated pipe roller and laser welder (view movie of machine in operation) as well as an automated clamp production cell (view movie).

Our 80,000 ft2 QF plant was also reorganized for greater efficiency. (view aerial movie of our Quick-FitĀ® product line manufacturing facility)

XD-pipe-rolleraerial photo of Nordfab XD Plant at 102 Transit AvenueWe also renovated an existing facility, now our XD Plant, where our XD Ducting products are manufactured. Our XD Ducting system is constructed of 14 gauge and 12 gauge duct and includes plasma welded pipe and solid welded fittings.

More than 140 production, sales, and customer support employees work at our facilities.

No direct competitor in the industry matches Nordfab’s investment in qualified employees, R&D, or production technology. In addition to our US operations, Nordfab Ducting has manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

Quality Assurance

QA_elbow_angle_checkNordfab checks both the physical and aesthetic qualities of nearly all parts, stock and custom, that it manufactures. Our QA department verifies measurements and angles and inspects welds and caulking, in addition to overall quality. Every QF Clamp is clamped to an appropriately sized cylinder to ensure that it clamps properly.