Nordfab Introduces Line of Heavy Gauge Ducting

Nordfab XD Ducting products for industrial dust collectionNordfab Ducting has introduced a new line of heavy gauge ductwork, the XD Ducting system comprised of 14 gauge and 12 gauge galvanized steel duct fittings for industrial dust and fume collection applications.

The rugged XD Ducting system is designed for applications where material conveyed in the dust collection system is highly abrasive or applications where 14 gauge or 12 gauge ductwork has been specified.

XD Duct Pipe has plasma welded seams and XD Ducting system fittings have solid welded seams. Welded seams eliminate leakage, improving the energy efficiency of dust collection systems, saving on energy costs.

Learn more about the benefits of XD Ducting or see a list of industries where XD Ducting may be a good solution, or view our XD Ducting products.