Nordfab Flanged Adapters and Ducting


Adapting Quick-Fit™ Ducting to Existing Flanged Ductwork

Nordfab’s Quick-Fit (QF) ducting components can easily be connected into existing flanged duct systems using adapters such as our Angle Flange Adapter. The Angle Flange Adapter has a QF rolled edge on one end and a Nordfab Angle Flange, which is an industry standard angle ring, on the other end.
angle and flat flanges

Nordfab can also provide Flat Flange ends, which can be customized to your hole pattern requirements.

Nordfab Duct Pipe in Diameters Larger than 24″

Quick-Fit ducting is available in diameters up to 24″. For larger duct requirements, Nordfab supplies flanged duct pipe in diameters up to 40″ in standard gauges and up to 64” in heavier gauges. Flanged duct pipe is constructed from sheet blanks 59″ long, rolled with a longitudinal lock-form seam. An industry standard angle flange (pictured above), made from angle bar stock rolled on edge, is placed on the end of the duct and secured via a Van Stone lip connection. The loose flange allows easy matchup to holes on existing flanges. Connection of two flanged pipes is illustrated below.

angle and flat flanges