Building It Extra Durable – XD Ducting

Nordfab'XD Plant pipe fabrication department
Extra Durable

Nordfab Ducting manufactures XD Ducting™ for dust collection at our XD Plant. This plant is set up for manufacturing “extra durable” XD ductwork, constructed of heavier gauges than our standard-duty QF® Ducting, and with all seams solid welded.

Extra Large

It is also where we build ductwork “extra large“. We are manufacturing our standard duct components in diameters up to 48”.

Contact us to discuss your needs if you need diameters larger than 48″ (up to 72″) or heavier-walled than our standard 14 gauge and 12 gauge XD Ducting.

Nordfab-52in-dia-XD-elbow60 inch diameter Nordfab XD Transition XD Plant large duct transitions and duct pipe54 inch diameter duct fittings54 inch diameter duct pipe with Angle Flange endsNordfab XD Ducting products ready for shipmentNordfab XD Duct Transition of 14 gauge galvanized steel

Nordfab XD elbows ready for shipmentNikki-beside-XD-pipe

54in diameter Nordfab QF Branch

Nordfab XD ducting ready for shipment48 inch diameter Nordfab XD Elbow


XD Manual Blast Gates

Nordfab XD Ducting Square to Round Transitions


large shipment of Nordfab XD Ducting104in Trans

Nordfab XD Branches ready for shipmentNordfab XD Ducting order ready to shipNordfab XD Ducting products being loaded on flatbed